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Our Team

Hello from the DiFabio Family

We began 25 years ago in a small coal town in Western Kentucky. The original DiFabio’s Casapela, was opened on March 6, 1996 in Madisonville, Kentucky by the four DiFabios. We did what we knew how to do best by serving our family recipes from the old country. What does Casapela mean? “C-a” is for the youngest daughter, Caity, “S-a” is for the oldest daughter Sarah, P-e is for the patriarch Peter, and “L-a” is for the matriarch, Laura. In 2010, we opened our second location in Louisville to offer our food to a new market! We strive to stick to the originals, from our in-house made-to-order sauces to our 72 hour lasagna. We closed our original location in 2014 but we’re able to continue the tradition here, in Louisville! Our daughter, Caity & her husband, Jon, carry on the legacy & have been able to build what you are enjoying today.

Our mission is to make everything we can possibly make in-house, and to deliver high quality service. To maintain the family standards, Caity and Jon are on sight every day and cook all the food for our guests. We leave the pasta to the experts and rely on our suppliers for imported Italian good. We leave the bread to the expert bakers, and the cheeses to the masters. That’s it, period. We grind beef and pork in-house for our meatballs and meat sauce. We marinate and grind pork for our sweet link and spicy crumbled sausage and stuff it in-house. All of dressings and desserts are made in house. It takes us 2 weeks to make one batch of our delicious Limoncello. We sincerely hope that you can taste all of the hard work and love that goes into everything we do here.

It’s always Italian season at DiFabio’s Casapela!

Carton drawing of Jonathan and Caity
Carton drawing of Jonathan and Caity



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